Dan Stemkoski wants you to come play on Betyah.

Betyah is wicked fun and guaranteed to make you smarter and hotter. I mean, just look at your friend here. So download the app now. And follow the steps below so they get their Scooby snacks. For real!

Want In?

Just follow these two easy steps and you'll be on your way to challenging, heckling and dishing with your friends on just about everything.

About Betyah

Finally, an app that will make you smarter, hotter and totally irresistible. Betyah also makes it easy and fun to bet your friends (and even some famous types) on everything from sports and reality TV to celebrity gossip and personal showdowns in your everyday life. Whether you like to bet and talk smack or just dish with your friends and predict a few outcomes, Betyah is the app for you.

Bet on Anything

Bet on the Lakers game, who gets kicked off Idol or if Chuck Norris can really outrun his own shadow.

Hang Virtually

Gather with your friends to watch, wager, chat & talk smack in real time about any sporting event or TV show.

Climb the Ranks

Compete against friends & the unwashed masses to become a betting Jedi Master.

Play & Win

Wager with fake money and real pride, plus the chance to win some really great prizes.

Addicting! I'm on it every day
-Andy K.
Wine + Bachelorette + Betyah = Monday night happiness
-Stacy C.
The best smack talking app
EVER on any topic!
-Nik D.
Dude, it's effing awesome!
10 out of 5 stars!
-Camille A.